Joomla 5.0 Beta 1 is now available for testing, and the Joomla Project is delighted to make this announcement.

The first in the 5.x series of Joomla! Taking all that's good in Joomla 4.x and taking it to the next level. Making Joomla Fast, accessible, secure, extendable, and Yours

What’s new in Joomla  5.0 Beta 1?

  • Several custom implementations of scheduled tasks have been moved from system plugins to scheduler plugins (Log rotation, Update Notification, delete action logs, session garbage collection, Privacy constants)
  • Block and Unblock are now logged into the action log
  • Implemented public directory creation with CLI installer and CLI script #41446
  • Improved custom defines of JPATH constants
  • Confirm dialogs uses now the new Joomla modal window
  • Many Guided tour improvements
  • First implementation for Darkmode for Backend template done
  • TinyMCE 6.7 Update and image alignment implemented
  • Archived content can now be excluded from smart search indexing
  • Improved Web Installer
  • Sampledata improvements
  • ShowOn filter rules are now applied to custom fields
  • AVIF support for media manager
  • A new Modal window was added and used for most of our select buttons like (Article Select), the new method used to post messages for communication between the iframe and the main window
  • JSON document will no longer be forced to download #39397
  • Removed no longer working Recaptcha plugin also on update and removed from core recaptcha invisible for now installations.
  • The one-Time-Password field has now a proper autocomplete setting
  • Activated translation repository for Joomla 5
  • implementation improvements
  • Smart search index now Contact images
  • Finally, all Events have been migrated to their own classes
  • All changes from 4.4
  • Stabilization & Cleanup

    Release candidate 1: 3rd October 2023
    Final release: 17th October 2023

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