The Joomla! project is happy to declare the release of Joomla 4.3.4, which focuses on fixing bugs. This release maintains Joomla 4's commitment to accessible web design and emphasizes the values of inclusivity, simplicity, and security that make Joomla a powerful open-source web platform.

  • Articles: Archived articles' page is not fully accessible
  • Contacts: Wrong language strings for table column title for the list
  • Fields: The color field is missing the onchange attribute (advanced layout)
  • Config: Reintroduce lost access for ACL changes
  • Templates: Asset validation for child templates is broken
  • Workflow: Empty filter for workflow stage in the featured articles (missing context)
  • Scheduler: Authorization header fix
  • Webservices: Error on PHP 8 for field groups
  • Guided Tours: Javascript fixes / better step user local storage, Notice when the plugin is disabled
  • Error pages: Fix error page rendering with unclosed Output buffers
  • Smart search: Fix Chinese tokenization
  • Other: Filter CSS classes validation missing for some fields (warning if people are using the menu icon field for other than classes)

You can find the full list on GitHub here.